MARS Frequency Coverage

Our Policy on MARS Frequency Coverage  |  15-May-2024

The MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System in the USA) used frequencies outside legal amateur bands. Due to FCC regulations in the USA, ACOM company can not legally modify the transmitting frequency range of its HF amplifiers.
In specific business cases, extensions or changes of the frequency coverage can be discussed, but this must be agreed upon before ordering. In any case, this is not the producer's obligation and can not be against local rules and laws. However, the purchase of an unrestricted HF amplifier must be made by a Government agency directly from some of our authorized dealers or by us.

In general, any HAM user must follow the applicable regional band plans and laws for specific allocations and limitations. I.e., doing any kind of modifications of our amplifiers that you own are solely at your own risk and your responsibility.

Please get in touch with your local dealer for detailed information and possible solutions.


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