ACOM 1000 | HF + 6 m Linear Amplifier

ACOM 1000 | HF + 6 m Linear Amplifier

The ACOM 1000 is a complete and self-contained linear amplifier that covers all amateur bands from 1.8 through 54 MHz and provides over 1000 W output power with less than 60 W exciter drive.

Easy to operate
The TRI (True Resistance Indicator) is a powerful tuning aid which, together with the automatically controlled input attenuator, helps the operator to quickly and precisely match antennas (5-10 seconds typically). The auto-operate function (when enabled) maintains the amplifier in OPERATE mode for you, thus saving manual operations and time

No antenna tuner needed
No heavy outboard antenna tuners required for antenna SWR up to 3:1 (and higher on some bands). Your amplifier will perform the functions of an antenna tuner, thus enabling you to change antennas faster and use them over a wider frequency range (saving tuning time).

User-friendly and durable
An amplifier that is both user-friendly, and that looks after itself. It is designed to safely withstand up to 300 W reflected power, up to 100 milliseconds duration of drive spikes, drive RF "tails" after a PTT or KEY release, operator's inadvertent tuning errors etc. It would also not cease to function with a "soft" AC line and would deliver more than half power at only 75% of nominal mains voltage. It would withstand up to 10 milliseconds (down to zero) voltage drops, and up to +15% line voltage spikes, which is important particularly when used at field days, DXpeditions, and other portable events.

OLED comment display
All amplifier status indications are explained via detailed text displayed on the dot matrix display OLED. The upper-line's strip on the OLED always reads peak forward power. LED indicators are provided for OPERATE, attenuation-on, and ON/OFF conditions.

Easy maintenance
Signatures of the amplifier internal status are stored in a nonvolatile memory for 7 most recent auto protection trips. This information can be forwarded to your dealer for diagnostics. Using an EXCEL application (available from ACOM or your dealer free of charge) and a PC you can decode the signatures by yourself, too.

Less noise in the shack
The input bypassing and the vacuum antenna relays are virtually silent even in QSK CW mode due to their special mounting.

Efficient tuning
Less QRM and improved Electro Magnetic Compatibility during tuning. Antenna matching can be achieved in less than 10 seconds at a quarter of nominal output power.

The amplifier operates without special signals from the transceiver - "Ground on TX" and 60 W RF drive power are sufficient.

Broadband input matching
Broadband input matching circuit resulting in very good load to the transceiver over the entire spectrum from 1.8 MHz up to 54 MHz.

Single tube operation
Uses a single 4CX800A (GU74B) Svetlana high-performance ceramic-metal tetrode with plate dissipation of 800 W (forced air cooling, grid-driven).

Tube protection
Permanent monitoring and protection of plate and grid voltages and currents, as well as of the exhaust air temperature. The Bias Optimizer decreases the heat dissipated from the tube, and there is automatic protection against overheating in accordance with the specifications of the tube producer.

Output RF arc protection
An output RF Arc protection is employed. It safeguards the amplifier, antenna, antenna selector, and tuner against severe damage in case of possible breakdown.

High voltage protection
High voltage power supply inrush current protection, which eliminates the danger of affecting sensitive devices, connected to the same mains circuit (important when used portable). Moreover, the amplifier can be configured for 8 different nominal line voltages: 100, 110, 120, 200, 210, 220, 230, or 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.

Continuous monitoring and/or selectable measurement
Continuous measuring and/or selectable monitoring of 12 most important parameters of the amplifier, exciter, and antennas via OLED display.

Frequency Coverage

  • All amateur bands in the 1.8-54 MHz frequency range;
  • Extensions and/or changes on request;

Power Output

  • 1000 W PEP or continuous carrier, no mode limit;

Intermodulation Distortion

  • Better than 35 dB below rated output;

Hum and noise

  • Better than 40 dB below rated output;

Harmonic Output Suppression

  • 1.8-29.7 MHz - better than 50 dB below rated output;
  • 50-54 MHz - better than 66 dB below rated output;

Input and Output Impedances

  • Nominal value: 50 Ohm unbalanced, UHF (SO-239A) type connectors;
  • Input circuit: broadband, SWR less than 1.3:1, 1.8-54 MHz continuously (no tunings, no switching);
  • Bypass path SWR less than 1.1:1, 1.8-54 MHz continuously;
  • Output (antenna) impedance matching capability: SWR up to 3:1 or higher;

RF Gain

  • 12.5 dB typically, frequency response less than 1 dB (50-60 W drive power for rated output);

Mains Power Supply Voltage

  • 85-132 VAC / 170-264 VAC (100, 110, 120, 200, 210, 220, 230 & 240 V nominal taps, +10% -15% tolerance), 50-60 Hz, Single phase;

Mains Power Consumption

  • 2200 VA at rated output;

Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Complies with CE safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, as well  as with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations;

Size & Weight (operating, excluding connected cables)

  • WxDxH: 422x355x195 mm, 22 kg (16.7x14.0x7.7 inches, 48.5 lbs.);

Shipping Size & Weight

  • WxDxH: Approx. 590x490x380 mm, 25.5 kg (23.3x19.3x15.0 inches, 56.3 lbs.);
  • Please, contact us for shipment details;

Operating environments

  • Temperature range: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius (32 degrees F to 122 degrees F);
  • Relative air humidity: up to 95% @ +35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees F);
  • Height above sea level: up to 3050 m (10000 ft) without output deterioration.