ACOM RPON | Remote Power On Adapter for ACOM 2000A Amplifiers

ACOM RPON | Remote Power On Adapter for ACOM 2000A Amplifiers

The ACOM RPON (Remote Power ON) adapter is designed to complete the ACOM 2000A automatic HF linear amplifiers.
I.e., ACOM RPON is optional equipment for ACOM 2000A and must be used with these amplifiers only.

Operational comfort with ACOM 2000A amplifier
The ACOM RPON allows remote Power On and Power Off of ACOM 2000A amplifiers via a PC RS-232 interface.

Easy to use
The ACOM RPON adapter can be used via many free software packages available on the Internet (NOT offered by ACOM) or via the customer's specific software.

Easy installation
The ACOM RPON is designed for "one-click" installation directly over the RCU and RS-232 connectors of the ACOM 2000A rear panel.

The User's Manual is available as a PDF file only. The latest version of the User's Manual is available under the Download tab (see above).

For use with ACOM 2000A amplifiers only.

Size & Weight (operating, excluding connected cables)

  • WxDxH: 97x37x20 mm, 0.08 kg (3.9x1.5x0.8 inches, 0.2 lbs.);

Operating environments

  • Temperature range: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius (32 degrees F to 122 degrees F);
  • Relative air humidity: up to 95% @ +35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees F);
  • Height above sea level: up to 3050 m (10000 ft).

There is one individual purchase option available:

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