About Us

ACOM Ltd., a privately owned company located in Sofia, Bulgaria, has been developing different electronic and mechanical products since 1988.

Nowadays ACOM designs, manufactures and sells worldwide HF equipment, HF antennas and antenna crank-up masts, systems for short wave network radio communications and other electronic devices for the commercial, government and amateur markets.

In 1998, the company introduced the automatic ACOM 2000A, a new generation of HF amplifier, followed by the ACOM 600S, ACOM 1000, ACOM 1006, ACOM 1010, ACOM 1500, ACOM 2100 and ACOM 3x2000А, which now have a proven track record for performance, reliability and craftsmanship and have become the preferred equipment for DXpeditions, DXing and contests.

ACOM executes orders for complete designing and manufacturing of electronic devices.

ACOM is specialized in machining high precision details from any materials, such as steel, titanium, kovar, copper, brass, aluminum, plastics and others.

ACOM is specialized in producing custom sheet metal constructions of any shape and configuration to meet its customers’ most demanding requirements.

The produced items can be chemically or polymer coated.

ACOM manufactures most of its main components such as transformers, ceramic band switches, variable and ceramic capacitors, tube sockets, coil forms, RF chokes etc.

ACOM is ISO 9001:2008 certified.